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Income from car relief work: How much is it? Can we become a car helper too? Can we make a good living by working in this profession? These are many questions that users have asked us about the relief profession and we want to take a good look at this field.

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Income from car relief work:

What is the income of working in car relief?

Let’s get to your main question without delay. What is the income from working in this field? In this article, we talk about Irankhodro car rescue mechanics in Tehran.

If you are a very professional mechanic, you should be able to easily repair or troubleshoot all Irankhodro cars. In this regard, you should also have a lot of experience.

But let’s see how much you earn in this business.

The income of mobile car repair work in Tehran is about 15 to 20 million tomans per month. In this way, they receive both a salary and a percentage, as well as the cost of going to a customer whose car has broken down on the street, or somehow commuting. About a day a rescue mechanic should see 5 to 7 cars, in which case he will have a very good income.

Of course, there are many relief workers who have a monthly income of 10 million Tomans (this income is 70% of Iran Khodro car relief in Tehran).

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How can we become a professional mechanic?

To become a professional mechanic, you have to study in mechanical workshops for about 2-3 years. In this case, your career will be completed and your income will increase so much that you will enjoy all the days you have worked hard in this work.

But in order to be able to work in car relief, you must be a technical expert, which we will explain in the following. Income from car relief work: It can be good and even great in many cases, it all depends on your professionalism as well as your work experience in this field.

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Income from car relief work:

How can we work in car relief?

In order to be able to work in car relief, you must have a car according to the standard of Irankhodro, which is either Samand or El Nood. To be able to put and use the necessary spare parts in your car.

In this case, you have to pass Irankhodro classes in this field, and after being approved by the senior manager, you can work in this field.

You have fixed working hours and your work is not floating and you work just like an employee.

Does car assistance need to know all the specialized tasks?

Of course, it is better to be like this in principle: Income from car relief work: That’s why it can go up, and if you know all the basics of the car well, your income will go up.

If you are a very professional electrician or dresser or mechanic, you will have a higher income.

But Irankhodro usually sends you car assistance due to your problem.

Should Car Relief be able to repair your car wherever you are?

Not at all. For example, if your car has a timing belt cut, the mobile mechanic can not repair your car, or if your car is in dire need of a hole, the mobile mechanic can not help you mechanically.

But according to his task, he must send you a deadly Nissan to take your car to a mechanic. In this case, you have to pay a separate fee to the car killer, which is usually a lot.

After the mechanical help, you should not have any wrong requests.

Income from car relief work:

Can we make a good living by working in car relief?

That you can with: Income from car relief work: It’s up to you to have a good quality of life. You need to look at your living expenses and see if you can make the most of your income in your life.

But in total, your income can be 2-3 to 4 times even one employee per month if you have a good work experience and work well in this field and are an expert in your work.

In this case, your quality of life will be very high.

Can we immigrate from Iran with work experience in this field?

Yes. In any case, you can easily migrate to any country with the knowledge of car mechanics, but in order to be able to work well in that country and be accepted at all, you must have a degree in mechanics of a brand car.

In this field you can get an international degree for example: Repair of BMW or Benz cars: Get and then migrate. Mechanics are a special need in all countries of the world.

In general, at the end of this article, I have to say: Income from car relief work: In Iran, it is between 10 to 20 million tomans per month, and to have more income, you must have more work experience.

Hoping for victory and success for you dear ones.



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