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Pouring alcohol into the car tank: !! The question for all drivers is, can we pour industrial alcohol into the car instead of gasoline?

In this article we want to put it simply: Consumption of industrial alcohol as automotive fuel: Write then join us. In the previous article also in: We talked about making and selling bicycles at home: You can click on this post to go to the relevant page.

Pouring alcohol into the car tank:

Pouring alcohol in the car tank !!

Pouring alcohol into the car tank: It can be a lifesaver in very sensitive situations, but you have to follow a lot of points. Of course, we have described the disadvantages of using this fuel in the car below, but in this section, we want to check whether this is right or not.

Pouring industrial alcohol in the car tank: It causes the tank to precipitate a lot, but this is due to the strong chemical reactions between alcohol and gasoline. It then causes the injector to become dull but severely dry.

Then when it enters the cylinder due to a:Flax much higher than even (super gasoline) It will ignite and the car will make severe rips. Then in the process of producing 10 minutes of power can cause dryness and even fragility of the piston and cylinder walls.

In this case, if you have to and you have no other fuel, you can use this fuel for a very short time in the car. Of course, using this fuel in cars with more cast iron alloy in the block can be very dangerous.

Can we use this method on special occasions?

As mentioned, Pouring alcohol into the car tank: It can cause the cylinders and blocks to dry out severely, and severe engine rips can cause engine failure and can incur other heavy costs.

Therefore, I advise you, dear ones, that if you have to use this fuel in the tank of your car, and after you reach a place where you can get fuel, first open the tank door for 5 minutes to let out the dangerous vapors of alcohol. And then use gasoline fuel.

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Pouring alcohol into the car tank:

Why is alcohol better than gasoline?

When they say that alcohol is better than gasoline, you should know in what context, if it is in the field of use as fuel, it can be completely wrong.

But in terms of value, yes, we can say that the value and octane of alcohol is much higher than gasoline, and this is why crude burning is rare.

What are the disadvantages of using alcohol instead of gasoline?

Disadvantages: Pouring alcohol into the car tank: There are many, but the most important are as follows:

1- Severe deposition in the tank:
2 – Gasoline filter failure:
3 – Dryness and failure of gasoline injectors:
4 – Piston dryness:
5 – Cylinder dryness:
6 – Severe engine overheating:
7 – Severe rip:

These 7 items can be expressed as exact cases that can cause damage to the car, but not by using it once for 10 minutes….

Can we use alcohol on a motorcycle?

Yes, but there is a much more important point to note.

The cooling type of most engines is “air-cooled”, which means there is a high risk of overheating of the cylinder block. Since the car tank is located at the top of this cylinder, if you want to use this method, it can certainly be very expensive for you.

We hope you never use this method on the engine and in very hot weather.

Pouring alcohol into the car tank:

Which alcohol has the most octane?

If we want to look between methanol and ethanol alcohols for octane and in general better quality fuel for forced times, we have to put the name of methanol at the top of the table.

In this case, you can use this alcohol when needed, while ethanol alcohol, which is much more expensive, is used for medical purposes.

Final word !!

Pouring alcohol into the car tank: It’s very wrong and we hope you do not do this at all and that if you want to use alcohol you have to do it according to the above description.

Be careful that after using this fuel, the door of the tank must be left open for the said period and the industrial alcohol vapors must come out of the tank.

Be victorious.




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